Introducing the "Octoffice" concept garden room

Compact office with a compact price.*

Octoffice front view.PNG

Could this be the smallest Garden Office?

Measuring just 1.8m by 1.8m, this design requires minimal ground works and can be really tucked away in a corner of the garden.  It is ideal for those homeworkers without large gardens, or in rental accommodation, as it is simpler to relocate than traditional garden rooms.

It has everything you need...

Mains power to keep laptops & phones charged, wireless internet broadcast/extended from your home network, Wi-Fi controlled heating to keep your tippy-tappy fingers warm, loads of natural light and....peace and quiet...

Octoffice Section view.PNG
Octoffice top view.PNG

Sustainably constructed & efficient to use

Insulated at or near UK Building Regulations, this tiny office requires minimal power to keep toasty and would keep you cool on all 3 of our English summer days.  
Constructed with as many natural products as possible and with minimising waste a primary concern, this design treads lightly on your conscience.


Key benefits of the Octoffice:

Low power usage

Designed to run from a 13Amp outdoor socket, the electrical installation time & cost is heavily reduced.

It is small!

With such a small footprint, this office can be squeezed into a small garden, and materials even brought through the house with ease if rear garden access is unavailable.

Quick installation

Partially built in a workshop and assembled on site, this office can be installed really quickly.  It is also easier to relocate if needed in the future.

Unique Design

Mr & Mrs Jones might be lovely neighbours, but there's no need to have a rectangular office like them.

Affordable Luxury

As an octagon uses 20% fewer materials on the perimeter for the same internal volume of a rectangle, you can justify better quality finishes inside and out.


* exact pricing to be confirmed and dependent on options chosen, location etc.


Register your interest...

This is currently a concept design we are looking to bring into production in 2022.  If you would like to be kept up to date on progress, would like to secure a build slot or have any queries on this little garden office, please do get in touch with us.  We'd be happy to discuss with you whether the Octoffice would suit your needs.

Thanks for enquiring about the Octoffice! We will be in touch soon..