Bespoke Garden Rooms

Element Garden Rooms can build any size or shape room you need to suit your particular circumstances, within reason.

While working from home has obviously become more widespread in recent years, there are many reasons why a garden room could make a real difference to your home. 

If you'd like to learn more, contact us to arrange a no obligation site visit to discuss possible designs with you.

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The Elements of a bespoke garden room.


The Base Element

We can install using a few different options for bases, depending on your site access and ground conditions.

  • Concrete slab

  • Concrete piles

  • Ground anchors / screws

  • Easy concrete pads

The Insulation Element

Keeping the heat in or out is vital in making your garden room usable and comfortable. A lack of insulation in the winter can be solved with a decent heater, but without insulation in the summer the room would be unbearable.  We build at or near the standards laid down by The Building Regulations - the same levels of insulation we have used on timber framed extensions and can install a choice of Rockwool, sheep's wool, rigid PIR insulation or our preferred option; the Actis Hybris system.


The Exterior Element

The exterior appearance of your garden room is a key component.  There are almost endless options to choose here from Larch, Cedar, Composite cladding or perhaps sheet metal on any hidden sides.

The Electrical Element

We are able to carry out all necessary works to connect your new garden room safely to your home's wiring & issue the necessary Electrical Installation Certificate &  Building Control Notification.
Thoughtful lighting design can make a real difference to the look and feel of your room, and we can guide you through a design that works for you.  You might even consider some garden lighting leading up to your new room...

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The Interior Element

There are so many options to finish the inside of your garden room - from raw osb board for a workshop, or stained plywood to a fully plastered & painted finish for a smart office or entertaining space.